Who Knew Chicken Feet Tasted Good? Chef Ford Fry at Metopia TX [VIDEO]

Meatopia TX Chef Ford Fry Chicken Foot

One of the strangest things that I encountered at Meatopia was the breast, shoulders, knees and toes of a chicken from Chef Ford Fry of The Optimist and No. 246 located in Atlanta and Decatur, Georgia respectively. Even though I raise some backyard chickens, I didn’t ever consider the fact that they had knees, much less that I could eat them. And after seeing their velociraptor type feet, I never thought that they would be tasty. Boy was I wrong.

Chef Fry used Grass Roots Farms pastured birds in his dish and it came out fantastic. He garnished it with a watermelon radish and Serrano pepper mix. Although some might find it more trouble that it was worth to get the little bit of meat off those tiny feet, the sweet glaze made the attempt enjoyable!

Meatopia TX Chef Ford Fry Chicken Foot

Look at that chicken foot!

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  • BethanyEastPR

    That chicken foot was soooo good!! Actually, everything from that day was super good.