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San Antonio Unfiltered: Chris Grange

By Garrett Heath / June 6, 2013

Photographer Chris Grange was the fifth artist to take a disposable camera around town for the SA Unfiltered series. Chris took an interesting approach of trying to discover the settings of the disposable camera to help get his shots.


San Antonio Unfiltered: Juan Ramos

By Garrett Heath / March 27, 2013

Our third artist and musician took his disposable camera to venues on the St. Mary’s Strip, his mural on the West Side and some his favorite restaurants in town as well as a home cooked meal.


San Antonio Unfiltered: Judith Cottrell

By Garrett Heath / February 28, 2013

Our second artist took her disposable camera to photograph the street intersections that hold special meaning to her, encouraging our readers to venture out on their own to see what makes each cross section so special.