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Bird Bakery Cupcakes

Bird Bakery: Cupcakes and Sandwiches are the Perfect Lunch!

By On November 15, 2013

Stephanie is mildly obsessed with the cupcakes and sandwiches at Bird Bakery, so she wanted to tell you about her favorite menu items and some of the seasonal hits!… Read More

San Antonio Restaurant Reviews

Broadway Daily Bread

By On August 22, 2010

As much as I like getting a big bacon and eggs breakfast or a couple of breakfast tacos, some mornings I am happy with a pastry and some coffee.  It’s no secret… Read More

San Antonio Restaurant Reviews

Little Aussie Bakery

By On May 18, 2010

You might wonder why I decided to eat at two restaurants right next to each other for two days in a row.  I actually tried to eat there on Monday but it… Read More

San Antonio Restaurant Reviews

Nicavid’s Bakery and Cafe

By On September 25, 2009

One of my coworkers decided to take several of us to one of her favorite restaurants that is a sandwich shop and doubles as a bakery.  Founded by Nicole and David, Nicavid’s… Read More

San Antonio Restaurant Reviews

El Sol Bakery and Bistro

By On September 5, 2009

I decided to try a place suggested to me in Southtown for some breakfast today, El Sol Bakery and Bistro.  Tacked on to a traditional Mexican Bakery is a bistro that serves… Read More

San Antonio Restaurant Reviews

Lupita’s Bakery

By On August 15, 2009

Since I was already on the Southside, I thought that I would stop at a favorite panaderia of mine, Lupita’s Bakery.  I found this bakery a few years back when I was… Read More