My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge: Week One

My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge Hummus Bowl
The Hummus Bowl is one of my favorite snacks and similar to the one you'd get at Starbucks.

This is the second article in a four part series about my experience in the My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge.  Be sure to read about the Consultation for the 21 Day Challenge, the Recap from Week Two and the Recap from Week Three.

I have completed my first week of the My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge and it has been quite interesting.  There is not a week in recent memory where I have ate more vegetables and drank less caffeine or alcohol.  To top it off, I only went out to eat once (each week you get a cheat meal) which is definitely difficult for a person who keeps up with a food blog.

At the conclusion of the week, I will walk through some of the difficult and positive moments prior to discussing some of the food that I ate.

My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge Turkey Hawaiian Chicken

The Hawaiian Chicken was so good that I almost demolished it before taking a picture! I have a review of the foods I liked and didn’t like at the bottom of the article.

Last Sunday, my girlfriend and I left my parents’ house.  We took our My Fit Foods meals in a cooler and ended up stopping at a gas station in Bronte, TX to heat up Lemon Turkey entrée for lunch.  This was probably one of the harder moments for me because I was surrounded by all these foods that I was not allowed to eat.  It was like they were sitting there mocking me as I struggled to choke down some spicy turkey and rice with a twist of lemon.  Not fun at all.

That night we got back to San Antonio and throughout the drive I was reminded how much food advertising there is in our society.  Billboards, gas stations, radio, TV, and internet, it is constantly around us.  The advertising was so blatant; I think I was shocked because I was acutely aware of what I was not allowed to eat.

In the past, I have given up sodas, sweets, or alcohol for the Lenten season prior to Easter.  I thought that this would prepare me, but what I forgot is that giving up one item still allowed me to find shelters in other items.  Can’t eat a cupcake, ok, I’ll bury myself in pizza. No beer? OK, I eat a tray full of cookies.  You can’t do that with the 21 Day Challenge.

The second day was the hardest.  The My Fit Foods cocktail made of cranberry juice, lemon, apple cider vinegar and B12 was incredibly bitter and set my day off bad (I have gotten used to the taste and now actually enjoy it; funny how taste buds work).  I woke up and ate the My Fit Foods Breakfast Tacos but I was pining for Leticia’s breakfast tacos served in the lobby at work.  My coworkers were slinging back coffee and I was drinking green tea.  I was in a bad mood.

While I don’t normally drink a lot of liquids, I was supposed to consume 80+ ounces of water a day.  I started drinking water early in the morning and felt like I was going to explode every 30 minutes.  It was like the water passed right through me as soon as it hit my stomach.  I was very uncomfortable.

My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge Turkey Pasta

The Turkey Pasta was spicy and had a flavorful tomato sauce.

I felt withdraws from eating out.  My skin was crawling just thinking about the next three weeks.  But it was strange, I never once felt hungry while being on the My Fit Foods program.  It was then that I realized my desires were not born of hunger but rather an addiction to unhealthy foods.  This helped me get through the second day.

On Tuesday I found out that Wynne, the lady who did the consultation, was no longer with the company.  I had a couple of temporary nutritionists that I had to route all my questions through.  This was a minor blow because I felt I had a good rapport with Wynne and haven’t met either of these new people.  I also wasn’t getting a Large sized partition dinner, instead getting a Medium and Small; this was aggravating to me because I don’t know if the two smaller sizes add up exactly to the larger meal and have since froze the smaller dinners.

(Oddly enough, my new nutritionist Kasi called me up while I was putting the finishing touches on this blog article!  That makes me feel good that they are checking up on me!)

The most difficult thing for me is how social food and drinking is for a young professional.  At work, I hang out with my friends over lunch.  On Thursdays, I play volleyball and meet up with my team afterwards for a meal and drinks.  I went to the Austin City Limits festival this weekend and my girlfriend had to put a lot of thought into how we could eat only the My Fit Foods throughout the day of concerts.  We had to skip out on the late night meal with friends afterwards and couldn’t go to breakfast in the morning.

This is something you should be cognoscente of if you embark on this program.  I hate being that guy that says, “I can’t go out to eat because I am on a diet.”  While I believe that after the program there will be a time and place to go out and eat in moderation, during these 21 days I am going to be a stickler.  This would be a very difficult part of the program for anyone.

My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge Ginger Chicken

Was not a fan of the Ginger Chicken because all the water that was in the tray got my bag wet.

As the week progressed, eating the meals became easier.  The strength of the My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge is that it is all planned out; you don’t have to think of anything.  This is also a bit of a frustration for me because I like to be spontaneous about where and what I eat.

I have also enjoyed not having to go to the grocery store to figure out what I am going to eat.  I am one of those impulse shopper who goes to the store with all sorts of good intentions (throw in the red bell peppers, zucchini, and spinach to the shopping cart!) but then get sucked in to buying things I shouldn’t eat on a regular basis (you know I deserve some ice cream and supreme pizza…).

Additionally, having the meals already prepped for me allows me to have more time back to myself.  I don’t have to decide, drive and wait nor do I have to shop, cook and clean.  This has given me time to devote further energies to having fun or my entrepreneurial activities.

Another bonus is that I have slept better.  I don’t know how to quantify it, but it is easier to fall asleep and wake up.  However if I do stay up late I feel it the next morning and drag a little bit.  I don’t know if this is a side effect of not consuming as many calories and pushing me later than I should.

I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that the cheat meal was salvation.  I cried as I ate a Freddy’s patty melt.  It was so good.  This too fits into my goals; I want to get back where eating out was a treat instead of an everyday occurrence.  I think this will be possible because as we all know absence makes the heart grow fonder.  I’ll be interested to see where I am at the conclusion of week two.

Exercise: Monday walk 0.8 miles in the morning, 1.5 miles in the evening, Tuesday run 1.5 miles; while not official, Friday was Austin City Limits and I walked all over!  I look to exercise more this week.
Caloric Intake: Not taking into consideration of the cheat day, averaged about 1,800 calories a day for a 6’ 1” guy.
Weight: 192.4 (lost 3 pounds from last weigh in of 195.4)

Foods I Loved
I absolutely loved Cynthia’s BBQ Chicken, in fact, I would eat that on a regular basis.  The sauce was pretty good and I really liked the potatoes.  The Turkey Pasta was nice and spicy with a good tomato sauce.

The Hummus Bowl snack is tasty with celery, carrots, tomatoes, and grilled chicken with Hummus to dip it in.  The cream of the crop is the Hawaiian Chicken which is tender chicken with mandarin oranges, pineapple, and pine nuts over a bed of parboiled rice. This is delicious and quite filling.

My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge Hummus Bowl

The Hummus Bowl is one of my favorite snacks and similar to the one you’d get at Starbucks.

Foods That I Thought Were Good
While my girlfriend raves about the Breakfast Tacos, I think that they are just all right.  They have a little too much cumin for me I would gladly trade that spice for a bowl of freshly made pico de gallo.

The Ninja Tenderloin was great but the spinach was too peppery; I talked with the nutritionist and she said she would sub in roasted veggies instead.  The wrap was tasty but not too filling, although it had a great function of getting snuck into Austin City Limits.

Foods That I Did Not Like
I was not a fan of the Ginger Chicken Delight and it was namely because there was so much water at the bottom of the trey.  In fact, it got all over my bag when I tipped it to the side.  The meal was just messy and not worth the trouble.

I had to choke down the Gimme More Chicken Salad, but this lies more in my preferences than the meal itself.  My girlfriend thought it was every bit as good as typical chicken salad, so if you are a fan I’m sure you’ll like it.  Finally, I did not like the Fit Cottage Cheese snack, but again, it is primarily because I do not like cottage cheese.

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  • Dallas RN

    Glad I found your blog. I’m starting the 21 day challenge on Friday. My nutrition advisor needed some time to get my meal plan together for the first pick up. I’ve already started the ACV cocktails this week. While it’s no jello shot, the cranberry makes it go down a little easier. My family is howling about the vitamin buffet I have on the kitchen counter. I’m consuming more pills than my 80 year old mother. Starting to ramp down for the lower calorie portions by eatting a lighter lunch and dinner this week. My late night carb crave will be hard to deal with when I really start with the meal plan. Good luck and keep on posting.

  • San Antonio Joe

    @Dallas RN – Thanks so much for the comment. Yes, I did some research and opted out of the supplement regimen. It just didn’t seem like the benefit was really there. I am doing more research into the Cranberry Cocktail and hope to discuss that on my last article. Be sure to keep me posted about your experience!

  • Angie

    I started my 21 day challenge on Saturday and I have to say the best thing for me is how my body feels with no caffeine! I usually drink coffee in the AM and a Red Bull in the PM at work and I am amazed that I don’t even find myself wishing for a pick-me-up. I guess once it gets out of your system your body can actually produce it’s own energy naturally, without any help from us =)

  • I did the 21 one days in the summer and lost 15 lbs. I am 5’1 and went from 134 to 119. That is a lot for a little person. I just stopped by to start the vitamin/ cocktail regimen again because that is all I feel I need now. My fit foods has taught me how to eat, what kinds of things to cook more of at home, and has proved to be the best and only way for me to lose weight. I tried many other plans and this one worked imediately. I need to find the paper given that indicates which pills to take when- which I was looking for when I ran into your awesome blog!!! I’ll be reading!!:-) if anyone can remind me, I would be very grateful.

  • Jenna

    This blog is awesome! I’m on my second stint of the 21 day challange now… I did this time last year and lost about 8lbs. I’m 5’4″ and was a size 10 when I started. By the time I was finished clothes were falling off and I was fitting into a 6! I’ve kept my size down for the most part over the last year but started it again just to see if I could lose any more. @Juliearoque – how did you manage to lose 15lbs??? That is my goal and I’m on day 7 and down about 2-4lbs (mostly water weight).

  • Dimegirl

     How much does this program cost??

  • San Antonio Joe

    I think it worked out to be like $650 for a 6’1″ guy and about $550 for a 5’1″ girl. Hope this can help!

  •  @Dimegirl It was roughly $650 for a big guy and $550 for a smaller woman.

  • Samber55

    Contact a My Fit Foods in Houston.  Setup a consultation, get to the store there is one customer and two young MyFit workers.  The young girl, my consultant took me to this side room of 4 chairs opposite of a tv.  Where she proceeded to stand across the room from me and run through the program as if she was in a hurry reciting from some speach.  Clearly seeing I’m the only one in the room and feeling less than someone who she could careless, or just $$$ in her eyes.  So one third the way through I stopped her, asked if she could just talk to me as a human at the same time pointing to the chair next to me, and not recite, just talk to me one-on-one as a human.  This got her upset to where she excusse herself an left for 2 minutes.  Upon coming back into the room she sat down in the chair next to me than asked me what my goal was…clearly could tell she was annoyed.   Not sure if this is how she was trained, or is this how the younger generation treats customers or but clearly I felt like this was not the kind of relationship I wanted from someone that I was suppose to be consulting, communicating with the next 21 day journey to healthy eatting.   Customers should feel like your buildin a report with them if your looking for them as repeatitive customers or word-of mouth.  Needless to say….I walked out and did not start the program…Customer lost!!!

  • lmwk

    I totally agree with Samber55. I was horrified with the young woman trying to tell me about the program at My Fit Foods. There are two different types of people in the world of wanna be dietitians. Those that want to help others achieve their weight loss goals and those that work at a place like this because they are in to the way they personally look and feel. I don’t have the time to write about my experience here but my point is the food is great (and with the exception of a few young thoughtful people) the people are mediocre.

  • Momo

    You spent a ton of money and effort just to lose 8 pounds? I went on Atkins and in the induction phase which is 2 weeks I lost 10 lbs AND I have to admit I actually cheated a couple of times. I would have lost more if I hadn’t done that. Cut sugar out of your diet and drink a lot of water. Don’t eat anything white. That’s all you need to do.

  • Elizabeth Layne Dycus

    Weight loss isn’t a competition. The slower you lose it, the more sustainable the weight loss is. -your friendly neighborhood nutrition major

  • jensensah

    That food looks disgusting and smell even worse..we have it at my company, and it even makes the cafeteria stink! It is gross!