What Is SA Flavor?

This site was started by Garrett, An Average Joe in San Antonio. Garrett had published his musings to the San Antonio Joe blog for a little over three years before deciding to make the big rebranding switch to SA Flavor. There are plenty of interesting things to find in good ole San Antone, although you might have to look a little bit.  The goal of SA Flavor is to do some of that looking for you and provide an unbiased opinion of good places to eat, drink and be merry, as well as events happening in the city.

So Why Write About Food In The First Place?

When I first moved to San Antonio in 2005, I loved how the city supported the mom and pop restaurants and was impressed by how much good food was to be found here. I found myself on the phone with friends and family telling them about all the great food I was eating until one of my friends said, “Why don’t you take some pictures and post them so I know where to eat when I come to town?” That’s how San Antonio Joe got started.

So You’re Some Kind Of Food Critic?

Not exactly – while I love to go out to eat, I am by no means a food critic. I’m just an average Joe, chances are if it has cheese or cream gravy on it I’m going to love it. You’ll probably notice that in most of the articles I talk just as much about the atmosphere or service as I do about the food. I hope to someday figure out a better way to actually convey why and what qualities it is about the food I like, but until then I’ll try to explain it the best way I can.

So Do You Get To Eat For Free?

Nope, we primarily pay for all the meals on the site. If a meal is comped, we are sure to let our readers know about it.

I Notice That All Your Reviews Are Positive, Do You Never Eat Anything Bad?

Yes, we have had bad experiences at some local restaurants. As San Antonio Joe, I’ve written a few back in the day and have since regretted flaming these restaurants on my blog. The fact is that everyone has a bad day, and if a restaurant consistently has these “bad days” they are going to go out of business. There is too much negativity in the world and SA Flavor has adopted the stance that we would rather saying nothing than to say something bad.

I Want To Comp You Some Food For A Review, Are You Interested?

Feel free to reach out to SA Flavor to let us know about your restaurant or food. Please know that if you do comp the writers anything, it will be disclosed to our readers. Finally, comping our writers doesn’t translate to a guaranteed positive review; if the writer doesn’t care for it, he/she probably won’t write about it.

I Heard Someone With SA Flavor Develops Apps, Is That True?

Yeah, San Antonio Joe is the guy behind the food blog aggregate Local Dish App and has developed or been part of a team that has created a variety of apps including the Fiesta inspired Cascarone, BarCards, Second Take, CovertChirp, Facade Book and SnappTours. He’d love it if you helped a brother out and threw a dollar his way for one of these apps.

Is SA Flavor Looking For Writers?

Of course! If you are passionate about San Antonio and you are interested in contributing an article to SA Flavor, feel free to reach out to us at: info [@t] saflavor [d.t] com.

Your Writing Sucks! My Third Grader Writes Better Than You!

Hey now, let’s not get mean. You stopped by the blog on your own volition, remember? As San Antonio Joe has said, he’s not a writer but more of a talker, so of course his prose will be a little colloquial and tend to run-on. That’s OK, that’s just him.

How To Get A Hold Of SA Flavor:

Twitter: @SAFlavor
Facebook: http://facebook.com/saflavor
Email: info [@t] saflavor [d.t] com